Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vinyl Experience (6) Physical and Experience

Text:Fumimasa Hori

  "I can carry 10,000 songs in my pocket. But when it comes to the sound quality, is it equal to vinyl which contains 12 songs? The answer is no." 

Joe Levy, an editor of Billboard magazine, cast a doubt on the music file from the view of the sound quality. I think the quality of the sound is a matter of personal preference, a conclusion largely depend on  by subjectivity, but some argue that the sound of vinyl is better even on a mathematical / physical. Following, I quote from a book "The intersection of mathematics and music" co-authored with Hiroki Sakaguchi Susumu Sakurai.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Nambu (3)


<An Birthday Eve of the Fifth Column 3>

 Speaking about Pinakotheka Records, Kichijoji ”Minor”, maybe there are young persons who are very interested in. Well, in fact, recently, something or other I was interviewed several times about activities from late 70’s to 80’s. So, naturally I must talk about “Minor” where was originally jazz café, Pinakotheka Records which was the label an owner of Minor Mr. Takahumi Sato established, releases of vinyl in regard to it, the fifth column, “Anode / Cathode” the virtual band, and so on.
Especially this year, I appeared on Dommune, the streaming broadcast, because “Namakojyosikousei” LP collaborated by Deku Studio, the fifth column and Pinakotheka was re-released as CD from Disk Union, and the box set of the fifth column, which includes the recorded performances from 70’s to this century, was released. So, to tell the truth, please buy those if you want to know the detail. In regard to magazines, Geso Fujimoto answered at the interview in “IDEA”(vol.357) which was an old famous magazine in designer's genre. Although this New Nambu is also one of them, I’d like to change the subject a little, and mention about the subject of my interest. That is to say, my latest performance and intentionality of my early adolescent are gradually closing, do people call this “Nidowarabe” ( the second childhood ) ? I’m anxious about it. Then, it is a violin for its subject.