Thursday, October 17, 2013

Vinyl Experience (5) Anti-digital music

Text:Fumimasa Hori

Kindness "Even an intern who just has learned how to work can make digital files. Although most people would not consider, a lot of people are involved in making vinyl actually. I think there is a vreverberation of a certain feeling because it passed through people's hand."

 "Since most music we enjoy is computer made, why are vinyl records marketable all of a sudden? I believe the resurgence of vinyl is part of a greater backlash against the hyper-reality of this digital age. It’s the difference between clicking a “download torrent” button or going to a store where you can look at real products surrounded by real, likeminded people."
 (Art Writer, Michael Cuthbertson) 

Although it can be seen if you have look at the graph on the previous article, vinyl sales in the United States have been growing from '07. It was just overlapped in time when subprime mortgage crisis emerged. Also, economic downturn precipitated by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy was generated in the following year. This means that while the financial economy without substance have suffered a devastating blow, vinyl accompanied the substance were accepted, I have thought it's really interesting phenomenon. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cammisa Buerhaus Interview

Interviewer:Fumimasa Hori

 NY artist Cammisa Buerhaus who is free from specific territories, such as fine arts, music, media. Even if we see only the activity for the past several months, it is protean like self-made pipe organ, performance using a radio, mix-tape with emphasis on the voice, and it is also difficult to predict what next she will do. I tried the interview by e-mail to her who is an artist the writer pay attention to most now.  

The first time I knew you was when I watched a video which was you were playing chroma color organ (self-made pipe organ). I was so astonished your originality. When and how did you get an idea of chroma color organ? 

Cammisa: The Chroma Color Organ was born from the fantasy of a multipurpose + person sculpture. I’ll describe it now.The center is an immense wooden turnstile, so heavy that eight people were needed to turn it. The turnstile pegs are connected to matching fan blades by a tall pole. When the turnstile spins, the fan blades generate an inverse air tunnel, acting as cooling agent and action repellent, in that it would literally blow the people away.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Nambu (2)


<An birthday eve of fifth column 2>

 Shouhachirou Takahashi was an avant-garde poet who was talkative, cheerful, tolarent and workphile. He was well informed about contemporary art in general and also had a wide knowledge about literature.

 His personal connections are so large, He had a relationship with local celebrity, national poets, artists, and international poets( also Fluxus members and around it, Octavio path, Raoul Hausmann! ) . It is natural that, one of the most important methodology of him was 
" Mail Art " .

 Young people may not realize straight away, but it is an art that uses a post system in short. There are various methods with this. For example, “ Send anything mailable to an exhibition. The period is from when to when, the place is such and such place. ” Sometimes a mail itself may be a work. It is acceptable that there is one poetry, only one word, a picture or a sign. In some cases, the instruction is written on a mail. For example, People who receive this postcard have to do such and such thing from what month what day what time what minutes what seconds to what time what minutes what seconds ” Or a big work was disassembled and it is sent to the person of every part of the world. There was a case a person experiment with how things were able to send by mail. In another case, based on a certain concept, things of a certain size are sent to a person.