Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Deadstock Presents Cyril M. Live

Deadstock presents Cyril M. Live

The cutting-edge artist of French Avant-garde scene, only 19 years-old Cyril M. will try the first Japan tour. You need to see his performance much influenced by Japanese psychedelic/noise like Keiji Haino. Co-performer on this event is Onnyk who has been writing a running story “New Nambu” on this blog which make us fully known the history of Japanese underground music, and French cellist Gaspar Claus as a special guest whose new album “Jo Ha Kyu” is popular. If you want to know his schedule of Japan tour, please check Cyril M.’official website

opening16:30 【start17:00
entrance fee1,500yen+1drink
performerCyril M.OnnykGaspar Claus

Monday, December 23, 2013

Vinyl Experience (7) Vinyl coexist with digital

Text:Fumimasa Hori

“A higher quality of vinyl manufacture is one reason for the revival but some record companies have been incentivising record sales with free digital copies and this is believed to have had an even greater impact.” (metro UK)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Nambu (4)


Morioka Now 3

<Seclusion of Osamu Kanno, and free music from Soviet Union>

When the correspondence lapsed from Osamu Kanno, I also come to a deadlock. It was about 1989. No limits band Ensemble Arkhangel'sk from Soviet Union of just before collapse come to Morioka and performed the live. A Jazz Critic, Teruto Soejima brought me.Mr. Soejima introduced various unique players to me, and that was also popular in Morioka. So, I would like to accept them again (I also did a presentation of movie ” Moers Newjazz Festival ”, made by him).