Saturday, January 11, 2014

Best of 2013

Cyril M. (France)

1. Gaspar Claus  「Jo Ha Kyū」
2. Shin'Ichi Isohata  「Existence」
3. My Bloody Valentine 「mbv」
4. Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke & Oren Ambarchi
「Now While It's Still Warm Let Us Pour In All The Mystery」
5. Kayo Dot 「Hubardo」

All these albums share a great emphasis on searching for new sounds or new structures, sometimes both, and this is really what I find challenging and interesting in music.

Onnyk (Japan)

1. Teiji Ito (Released from tzadik. Only One is from Esp)
2. Zeitklatzer (Especially, "Metal machine music") 
3. Esahi Chainsaw Massacre (Although our live...) 
4. Sun Ra (All works are great until he die.)
5. Sensouonmandara (It's old. The chanting of Buddhist hymns of one thousand singon monks produced by Masahiko Sato、sutra recitation and performance by Sato's combo.)

Virginia Genta (Italy)

Here below some of the things we liked the most last year, they are not on a specific order, we like these all on the same level!

1. Monopoly Star Child Searchers at Planetarium, Ravenna (Italy)
2. Martin Kuchen at Mayhem, Copenhagen (Denmark)
3. Enzo Minarelli at Colour Out Of Space, Brighton (UK)
4. Mohel at Ravintola Piano, Helsinki (Finland)

1. Umwurf 「Umsomst」( 5 cassettes box , private release)
2. Bill Nace /Greg Kelley/ Steve Baczkowski/ Chris Corsano「Live at Spectacle」
 (LP , Open Mouth)
3. Les Conversions 「Snowwhite」 (LP, Holidays Records)

1. Sähkö Quartet「Kaukana väijyy ystäviä (electronic music live 1969
2. Third Ear Band「Hyde Park 1969 
3. Josset 「Martin Gourin 2011」 
4. Seni Jurus「Tepak Tilu Smp N 1

Cammisa Buerhaus and Alex Fleming(USA)


Alex Fleming and Cammisa Buerhaus are artists who frequently collaborate. They are currently in residence at CAGE. CAGE is a center of artistic, theoretical, and political activity in Chinatown, New York’s City. Our favorite moments of “release” in 2013 might perhaps payout in full in the year 2014. Tracking the city, we saw fascinating first steps rising above the din of the well established and over promoted. In the shadow of bloated performance juggernauts like the performa biennial, true experimentation and innovation emerged from tiny basement galleries, apartments, and bookstore back rooms. We were intoxicated by the awkward, fragile and imposing, (YR, Tender Cousins) the effortlessly exciting and bumptious, (Momo Ishigro, Christina Croll) and of course the militant, confrontational and downright mean (Georgia Sagri/Nohan Hassan).

1.    Christina Croll

Also known as her online alias Christina Du Garnier, this performance virgin birthed an immaculate debut at the Printed Matter Book Fair after party, which was hosted at CAGE. Theory of the young girl meets sans soleil.


Dark and haunting, this two person mini band is fronted by noted installation artist and disability scholar Park McArthur. YR combines steely and austere songs with generous and open ended sonic palettes, presenting a rare and beloved experience.

3.Clovis Cassidy, Kid Detective

An excerpt of this soon to be published philosophy-horror-young-adult fiction novel by heavy weights Soma Wingelaar and Kellen Burket appeared demurely in NYU's performance theory journal.

4.Tender Cousins

Musicians, conceptual film-makers, writers and extremely sexy couple Felix Bernstein and Gabe Hoot re enacted the Art in Language Opera last year at the Whitney Museum. In 2013 their band Tender Cousins brought together riot grrl, experimental theatre and performance poetry. 

 5.Total Bitch Events

An ongoing emergency meeting called by Georgia Sagri and Norhan Hassan.

6.Trio Scharrock ,Pusching, Godard  

This video is from a performance at the De l’opera National de Lyonin in 2010. It showcases two songs – ‘Lies’ and ‘Far Away’. Simply Stunning.

7.Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure was a poetry reading by Cecilia Corrigan and MacGregor Card, which experimented with a radical technique of full body literary submersion. We came for the lyric virtuosity, and stayed for the tears and the laughter. With sneak attack choreography by Eric Conroe and subtle yet powerful sound manipulation by Cammisa Buerhaus, it was sexy, dirty, and mysterious.

"Now I know what post-feminism means." Marcia Ferguson  

8.Jill Kroesen - Stop Vicious Cycles - (1982)- I'm Just A Human Being

"I'm just a human being who can hardly keep her own house clean. 

 And I lie in bed and think how the president is just a human being and it scares    me to think about the life he leads. 
And I think about all the people who have been irresponsible and stupid
Who have had power over me
Like the Oakland police when I was only 17 
And New York State unemployment and bureaucracy
They made a cripple out of me
And those boys who had my heart in the muscle of their whim 
But that they are human being transcends it all and makes me feel pleased 
And I as a particular human being hate all those protections and insulations that one needs
Now my family led me to expect that human beings were responsible and just 
All then I moved to New York 
oh but in this real world you need cushions and a bassinet work of insulation's or you will turn to dust 
So I think I'll just die here in my room
Til I'm ready to fight 
And I'll think about anarchy and how nice if it were a possibility 
Oh if all those bestial and primitive instincts were set aside and substituted for a higher form of life
I'm just a human being who can hardly keep her own house clean 
And I lie in bed and think how the president is just a human being and it scares me to think about the life he leads."

9. Momo Ishiguro「Mic Lips / Chalet

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