Saturday, July 19, 2014

Heavier and more evil... Electric Wizard reaches a new dimension

Text:Fumimasa Hori

The song “I am nothing” recorded in the new album of Electric Wizard “Time to die” which would be released in September was uploaded the other day. Unearthly heavy, distorted and purgatory guitar covers the whole sound, and Jus sings like murmuring “I am nothing” behind that guitar. It has been 10 years since a female guitarist Liz joined the group, and they broke down with Rise Above which was the old label they were in since the first album, then they established their own label Witchfinder Records. In such milestone year, they seem to enter a new dimension. The frontman, Jus Oborn talked in one interview that the new album would be heavier and more evil than “Dopethrone". As long as I listen to this "I am nothing", and the sound has been completely finished as he said.

The new song “I am nothing” clearly takes a different approach from the previous work “Black Massses”. “Black Masses” wasn't only extremely heavy but also the most pop album in the history of Electric Wizard. “Black Mass”, the top number of this album is as if it is for sing-along in a gig, when I introduced this song through twitter, I was given an impression that “It’s like Kula Shaker”.

The latest EP “Legalize drugs&murder” released 2 years ago was exactly the “Black Mass” type song which was descendant from this pop line. But, it wasn't since “Black Masses” were released that they were also pop. It’s a one of the elements they’ve had. Their second album “Come my fanatics” which was their masterpiece made Lee Dorian said "The heaviest band in the world". It is also recorded choruses which we’d like to sing spontaneously, and there are scenes melancholic guitar solo appear.  

But, there aren’t pop elements in “I am nothing”. From intro to finish, they devote themselves into playing the heavy, evil sound. What is the cause which make them break off their pop elements. One of the reason is Mark Greening joins again. He was a drummer who had supported the framework of early Electric Wizard. Last year, Jus talked like this in the interview when they started to record the new album. I quote from the blog It's psychedelic baby.     

"The process started last year but really solidified when we began jamming with Mark Greening on drums again. His previous band had split and we talked about jamming again and it totally worked....since we got him back in the band there has been a, subconscious at first, shift towards much heavier and darker material."  

But, ironically we can’t listen to the drumming which was just like Mark. The number of moves are so many, and he can add the accent to the music by varying his pitch. Unfortunately, he left from the band after recording the new album. There was a rumor that Liz fired Mark, but the truth wasn't unclear. 

I just wait for the release of the album "Time to die", but music media in Japan may ignore all together again, unless their Japanese editions will be released. However, it can’t be helped looking at this situation. When the new album will be released, I will ask them to interview for this blog. I don’t know whether they will accept or not.

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