Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Soumei Satoh - Echoes

 The label "Omega Point" (Tokyo) which heads for at the pole of music is an unprecedented existence which has been digging the unknown masterpieces and buried great works of Japanese composers after World War Ⅱand has self-produced. Those works especially specialize the field called electronic music or tape music. Recently, two years ago, they finally released various amazing performance of John Cage with his sworn friend David Tudor in Japan as CD and LP by discovering shelved tape pool (attached with photos of performance scenes at that time). It was played at Sougetsu Kaikan in 1962, when they come to Japan at first.  This was really "John Cage Shock" as the title said.

Here is the masterpiece of electronic music which Omega released with confidence. Two works which are "Echoes" (1981)and "Emerald tablet" (1978) self-recorded by Soumei Satoh, a composer from Sendai. Original tapes were lost, these were re-mastered by Sumihisa Arima with his effort because of multi-channel recording and were released with winning endorsement by Satoh himself.  The subtle and profound sound is beyond description. The wave of sound just like the horrible darkness and the light which are shined beyond that is surging. As if near-death experience is like that. I don't recommend the person who is emotionally unstable. You should listen to this alone in the fully relax state at dawn. If you don't so, you can't understand the true worth of this two works.

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