Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Diggin' in the East (1)

I'm wondering how many people catch on quickly, when they hear "Kichijoji". People who like Japanese psychedelic/avant-garde music like Fushitsusha, Tamio Shiraihi, Touri Kudoh may know the place name. Yes, Kichijoji was the spot where the legendary venue "Minor" existed. 
I'd like to introduce the great record shop in Kichijoji, Disk Union Kichijoji.

Disk Union is the largest and most famous record chain store in the Kanto region. If you like every genre of music, I recommend you go to Disk Union Kichijoji in first. You can buy rock, avantgarde music, world music, hip hop, techno, reggae soul, classic and wamono (various Japanese record DJs play including from J-pop to Japanese jazz, Japanese soundtrack), etc. all type of great records under $10. I've seen a Japanese producer/rapper, Dev Large who passed away last month was digging wamono at this store. A French young improviser, Cyril M. also visited here when he toured in Japan last year.

These are records I get today at Disk Union Kichijoji.

Toshiro Mayuzimi - Heart Sutra (L-10001W)

Cosmos Factoy - A journey with the cosmos factory (ETP-72083)

【Disk Union Kichijoji 】

Address: 2F Kichijoji palece building, 1-8-22, Kichijoji-honcho, musashino-city, Tokyo 
TEL: 0422-20-8062

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