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New Nambu(1)


It is a book of “The man of jasmine” I found the word “fifth column” first.That is  the autobiography of a female poet,  Unica Zürn, her name sounds like a jelly in Japanese.She seemed to be ill a little.

Before becoming a 20-year-old, I was interested in such a word “schizo” or “paranoia”.Also, I got into now so called “outsider art” or literary version of it.It is as is often the case. Because, perhaps I was influenced by Yasutaka Tsutsui(1).

And I liked pictures, especially surreal artist like Max Ernst, Yves Tanguy, Roberto Matta.I also liked Hans Bellmer.There is a face of Unica, which Bellmer drew on the cover of “The man of jasmine “ (There was an actress who was said that her face is genital. Beside of that, we see the vagina in the middle of Unica’s face in Bellmer’ s picture).She was a mistress (good word) of Bellmer.

Maybe, cause of her madness is too much of poetry.Because she created many lines endlessly using only its character from the text of one line(so called “anagram”).So, she was thinking about word game all day.Whatever she heard or read, she had been thinking that she decomposed and reassembled them.That was cause of wearing down nerve.“The man of jasmine” is highly interesting book.And “fifth column” appears here and there.

In her delusion, “fifth column” was like secret organization which looked out and helped.I don’t explain historical meaning of “fifth column” here.What I and my friends were thinking would be finally some art movement.It would be good to say I adored “Dada”, “Surrealism”, “Futurism” and “Fluxus”.

But it was different that we could created with auditory sense in first.Of course, it does not mean I do not think the genre of poetry or painting.Because, Geso Fujimoto(2) and “Akanarumu” (3)got into poetry early.We had cassette tape which is software we can record, edit, duplicate, and send easily with low cost. We also had hardware like Boom box, Walkman which has suitable function as above.

These were our  manuscript paper, canvas and paint brush. And anywhere in the world became record studios.Furthermore, strong allies appeared to us. It is to become acquainted with Poet Takahashi Shohachiro. He had continued avant-garde, visual/phontetic, experimental and international poet movement with Katsue Kitazono(4), Toshihiko Shimizu(5), Tatsu Okunari(6), and so on. It was winter in 1977. (Cont’d)

Morioka Now

Keizou Miyanishi moved to Morioka in Feb. 2013.Do you know him? He is well-known for a long time as a cartoonist and a painter.In his debut in the 70s, He got cult proponents due to  magical composition and poetic texture rather than minute description, ertoic figure, up of genitals and a story.Michiro Endo, vocalist of Japanese punk band  “Stalin” used his work on cover of their album “Trash”(1981). It makes Miyanishi to be known among indies scene fan.

Furthermore He formed rock band “Onna”, and released albums. He was also active as a musician.However, he withdrawed from the front line once in a certain circumstances.And after a secluded life, And after a secluded life, in 21st century he has been returned to music scene and painting circles slowly.

Now, as one of the erotic artist on behalf of Japan, he is popular in France.
Eros Japan, not Cool Japan. Onna’s album was also re-released on CD in US.
In recent year, He has continued to play with performer “Barae” who is a wife of Miyanihsi. 
Also, collaboration with a lot of performers.

It is mainly Tokyo he has acted. But, gradually he had not been satisfied with it.He also had amassed dissatisfaction.What? It’s Tokyo. Certainly, there are everything in Tokyo.But it is also in excess, therefore it is void.It grew such feeling in his mind.In such occasion, I called him several times in Morioka.There are not a little fanatic fans of him in Morioka.
Finally, He determined to move into Morioka.

There is one more cartoonist known for unique style of painting in Morioka. 
Osamu Kanno.“Suziko”, Kanno’s recent book has been acclaimed in various fields. I also think maybe it is his masterpiece.This is a kind of “Noh” (one of Japanese traditional theatrical plays).
The characters is all but the dead.They just reminded their death many times. It is awful work.I have been acquainted with Kanno since 20 years ago. It is mainly relationship as a musical collaborator.Only few persons know that he sometimes show genius as musician.

From now, I will introduce Morioka and Morioka’s musicians in regard to artists like Miyanishi or Kanno. (Cont’d)

(2)A main member of Fifth Column
(3)A faise name of a poet Muranaka Fumito
(4)Poet.A pioneer of Japanese surrealist poetry.
(5)Poet.Jazz Critic.Author ofJazz Avantgarde」「Jazz Alternative.
(6) Poet.Jazz Critic.Editor,Author ofFree session in midnight bar

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