Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vinyl Experience(1)

Text:Fumimasa Hori

Generally thinking, we are not able to open a record shop in this economic condition.But people have been returning to analog.Especially,vinyl records

Zachary Johnson, who has opened a record shop called Deadbeat Records in a small town Moscow of Idaho says.

Vinyl records were gaining popularity in USA.In 2010,I rearized it three years ago from now.Then,I researched about news of vinyl records through internet,I often looked ariticles and videos which they interviewed independent record stores such as deadbeat records.In a wordan independent record store is managed by individuals.They are not huge capital store like HMV or Tower record. 

In addition, I realized record store day(hereinafter RSD)has been showing upsurge in USA and several countries of the world.RSD is an event that takes place on Saturday in the third week of April every year.In that day, record shops in all over the world which participate in RSD do discount sale,limited edition sale and in-store live all at once.RSD and independent record stores have been playing an important role in regard to current vinyl resurgence.So,I will write a detail about them later.

I also grabbed the unexpected fact that the youth including teenagers got into vinyl records.
And, I understood that not only unknown media but also major media like CBSNew York Times、ForbesUSA TodayThe EconomistTime have taken all together this vinyl resurgence.

Since the beginning of this year, vinyl records were featured in CM.NY independent record shop.A-1 records were used as location of credit company American Express CM.Setting is made to those American Express credit cards that are used to pay for the record.I want you to imagine the scene that independent record shops or vinyl records will be appeared in Japanese credit company CM.You can’t imagine it easily.Through this CMmaybe you can
understand how vinyl is popular in USA.

I started to buy vinyl records from early 2000’s, and sold vinyl records a little through online from 2004.So,I have a much affection for vinyl records than other people.However,I realized vinyl records were nothing but niche media since before.Because currently,DJ boom had been already gone away,and record shops have been closing one after the other.So,I wondered the phenomenon that vinyl resurgence were featured in mass media in USA and vinyl sales have been growing by leaps and bounds.Furthermore,present-day is the prime age of digital music like itunesyoutubespotify.Vinyl records are analog media which are opposite to digital music.Why are vinyl records making comeback in such age?

When I think this reason,I remind “Spiral Law”Japanese Author Hiroshi Tasaka suggested in his book.According to this law,things don’t progress linearly,but progress spirally.That is, when new things appearold things return simultaneously.I can’t help thinking this law applied to the phenomenon in USA where it have been happened the rising of new digital music and the returning of forgotten vinyl records for a long time.

Vinyl resurgence is not a story that is only limited to USA.It has become a worldwide trend, including European, Asia, and Australia,beginning with the UK.In firstlet’s look vinyl records circumstances in USA and UK where it ignite the popularity of vinyl the little early.  (cont'd)

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